Artist's Statement

(Re)constructing Deptford is my personal exploration of Deptford and the people who live, work and travel through it. Whether it’s the train systems carving through the area, or the shiny new developments springing up around town, Deptford is changing. Two decades ago growing up in neighbouring Brockley, I never would have believed the transformation of the likes of the train station. Through focusing my camera lens on the areas of Deptford undergoing the most rapid change, I question the effects regeneration has on the community. Can Deptford's vibrant spirit, characterised by the high street and the people who frequent it, remain strong amid all the transformations?

To raise such dilemmas, the approach I've settled on is through a composite technique. Here, I combine multiple colour, tripod-based photographs to construct a single image. The resulting composites conflate time but not space, so that people from different moments in time are present in the same landscape scene. In addition, I have created anthropomorphic poems where the buildings depicted in the images take on characters of their own, and have opinions on the alterations taking place around them. This slow, highly selective way of working invites the viewer to look and form their own viewpoints in order to further continue the conversation on gentrification in Deptford, and potentially beyond.

(Re)constructing Deptford is available as a 40 page colour zine through independent distributors around Deptford.

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